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Guilt is a funny old thing. I seem to be constantly wracked with guilt. Not the stomach churning guilt that I experienced as a kid when I got caught nicking some Fruit Pastilles (sorry Mum); but small pangs of guilt, 5 days a week when I leave my baby boy and go off to work. … Continue reading


I’m rubbish. I’m sorry I’ve not been in contact but bloody hell I’m busy. Time is flashing by faster than you can say “zoom” and I’m struggling to get anything done. I’m tired, knackered in fact, and sod me my back is killing me. Is it age? Probably. Is it from carting my lazy son … Continue reading

Gushy and Mushy

Wowee. There’s nothing like buying a house with someone and falling head over heels in love with them all over again! The OH and I have had a few testing months. Nothing too worrying, just the stresses and strains of everyday life. We’ve both been working long hours and our commitments meant we were like ships passing in … Continue reading