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The K-D’s Visit Kos

Whilst most families are heading away on their summer holidays about now, the K-D’s are still reminiscing about theirs. We went to Kos at the beginning of July, just before the schools finished. And just before it got silly hot. Kos is familiar to both of us. The OH lived and worked there for a … Continue reading

A Letter To My Boy

A Letter To My Boy

Oh DKD do you have any idea how much you brighten my life? How much you make me smile so broadly I think my cheeks will split? How you make coming home from work that extra bit special? It’s your cheeky face, your grubby little hands, your dimply bum, your chunky thighs and your long … Continue reading

Growing Up Isn’t Easy

Being an adult sometimes sucks. I wish I could spend an entire week going about my normal life but with all the mannerisms of a toddler. I wish I could walk away from everyone who bores me, or just put my hand over their mouth to shush them. I wish I could hide under the … Continue reading


Events of late have made me feel old. Little triggers have made me step back and look at myself and wonder how quickly time has crept up on me and taken over. I’m 32. Not ancient in my eyes but pre-historic in the eyes of the children I teach. I’ve compiled 10 reasons why I … Continue reading


Friday is Dexter Mummy Day and the last one was so much fun I felt compelled to write a blog post about it. The day hadn’t started as planned. I had hoped to take Dexter to the local soft play centre to burn some energy before meeting a pregnant friend for lunch but a group … Continue reading


Guilt is a funny old thing. I seem to be constantly wracked with guilt. Not the stomach churning guilt that I experienced as a kid when I got caught nicking some Fruit Pastilles (sorry Mum); but small pangs of guilt, 5 days a week when I leave my baby boy and go off to work. … Continue reading

Happy New Year

When reflecting over the past year its easy to forget the small little details that make our memories. This year however has been full to the brim of big events. We saw friends tie the knot and live happily ever after. Irreversible damage was done to my kidneys on at least one of the 500 … Continue reading

To all our loved ones……

This year we’ve decided not to send Christmas cards, instead we’ve made a donation to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. Our donation could provide a bed for someone who is homeless for 3 weeks. The money could also go towards helping them making a fresh start in the New Year. Being able to help other … Continue reading

Belly Laughs and Snot Bubbles

I love how mental my boy has become. He’s started singing along to nothing in the car, chatting away to his toys in his own little language and generally being a bit nuts. He’s also started throwing little hissy fits that even he ends up laughing about once he’s finished. They are a pathetic combination … Continue reading

We Built This City On Snot And Drool

I know I’ve written about bodily fluids before (It’s SNOT Funny) but I couldn’t let this one pass without sharing with you all. My boy, my world, the love of my life sneezed last night and rubbed the omitted snot from his nose into his hair like a budget price hair gel. Nice to know … Continue reading