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Introducing Siblings by Lea Spencer-Brown

Today’s guest post has been written by Lea, a wonderful woman whom I met through our antenatalΒ group way back in 2011. Lea and her husband Chris have two beautiful daughters, Mathilda (2) and Nellie (12 weeks). Lea writes about her experience of welcoming their second child into their lives and the effect it had on … Continue reading


I’m rubbish. I’m sorry I’ve not been in contact but bloody hell I’m busy. Time is flashing by faster than you can say “zoom” and I’m struggling to get anything done. I’m tired, knackered in fact, and sod me my back is killing me. Is it age? Probably. Is it from carting my lazy son … Continue reading

That moment when….

Dex learnt a new word at the weekend…..BREATHE! Saturday night was his first, and I sincerely hope his last, encounter with a paramedic. It all started at tea time. I handed him his usual breadstick to munch on whilst I heated up his food. This is something we’ve done 100 times at least. He’s good … Continue reading