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Just like a bird

Nesting is a wondrous thing. I’ve always been pretty house-proud nee obsessive but reaching the “nesting” period has been a much needed excuse for me to spend the other halves money on all things pretty for the house.  Most expectant mums would concentrate on the nursery I guess but weirdly I started with the garden. … Continue reading

The final countdown?

So we are 8 weeks away from D-Day. Some people say “only 8 weeks?”, whilst others say “8 weeks is ages!” Eight weeks (or 56 days as I like to refer to it!) does seem like a lifetime to me. Baby K-D is getting bigger each day and I’m starting to resemble an elephant. I’m … Continue reading

Great Expectations

My weird baby kicks the most when I’m at work discussing finance issues. Does this mean I am baking a future accountant? I hadn’t deemed it possible that we’d be able to breed an academic but it got me thinking about the personaility baby K-D will have. Will it be all singing, all dancing? Will … Continue reading

Keeping up appearances

I wouldn’t say I am vain but I do like to make an effort with my appearance. I don’t tend to wear a full face of slap and I often remember being 20 years old and my friends nagging me to wear more make up on a night out, not to cover up the ugliness … Continue reading

The creation of a beast

Being pregnant does show you in a whole new light to people. Automatically people want to touch you. This I don’t mind, as long as we are on least first name terms, it’s when strange hairy hands come grabbing is when I freak out a little. I have also forgotten what conversation was like pre-pregnancy … Continue reading

She’s having a baby!!!

So how pleased (relieved) are we to know that our bits work!! I’m now 25 weeks pregnant and 40 weeks cannot come quick enough. I have so far had the bitch of all pregnancies. Every ailment and problem that pregnant women can experience, yep I’ve had them all! Morning sickness (not morning, try morning, noon … Continue reading