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Project B Pregnancy Review

Whilst pregnant I was lucky enough to have been signed up to receive a monthly pamper box courtesy of Project B. These fabulous boxes can begin from your 12th week of pregnancy.  The boxes are beautifully packaged and delivered by courier at the beginning of each month, and each box is full of products to compliment and … Continue reading


The very nice people at OXO TOT UK saw my post about being out and about and sent Dexter some food and drink items to review. We were challenged to take these items on our travels and really put them to the test. Most weekends we like to do at least one thing that will take … Continue reading

Jordans Cereal Review

The weekends are important to the K-D’s and most of our weekend time together tends to focus around mealtimes. I work Monday-Friday whilst the OH works shifts. I don’t eat breakfast at home during the week and the other half is only around for weekend dinners every other week, so breakfast is our important meal … Continue reading

Masha Review

The OH often complains about my mash (maybe that’s why he won’t marry me!) He’s a harsh critic and often grumbles that my mash is not only lumpy but often cold. I’ve tried to improve my mash over time, striving to keep the food critic happy.  I’ve tried adding different kinds of milk, butter, cheese … Continue reading

FTN Drink Review

FTN Drink Review

When you receive an email offering you a product that will slow down the body’s ageing process, well you are definitely going to give it a go! If it works then surely it should be worth its weight in gold to a busy mum.  By Friday I’m frazzled from working full time, running a household … Continue reading