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The K-D’s Visit Kos

Whilst most families are heading away on their summer holidays about now, the K-D’s are still reminiscing about theirs. We went to Kos at the beginning of July, just before the schools finished. And just before it got silly hot. Kos is familiar to both of us. The OH lived and worked there for a … Continue reading

A Letter To My Boy

A Letter To My Boy

Oh DKD do you have any idea how much you brighten my life? How much you make me smile so broadly I think my cheeks will split? How you make coming home from work that extra bit special? It’s your cheeky face, your grubby little hands, your dimply bum, your chunky thighs and your long … Continue reading


Today is World Book Day so I wanted to write a little post about my small bookworm and his love of “reading”. Out of all the toys Dexter owns I can confidently say his favourite will be a book. He’s progressed from eating them to now sitting down and flicking through the pages. Dexter loves … Continue reading

Happy New Year

When reflecting over the past year its easy to forget the small little details that make our memories. This year however has been full to the brim of big events. We saw friends tie the knot and live happily ever after. Irreversible damage was done to my kidneys on at least one of the 500 … Continue reading

Happy Amy Day!!!

Today is Amy Day!!! Correction… is the wedding of Lee Hanly and Amy Constantin. It’s been a long time planning. Lee has been planning since 10th October 2009 (when he proposed) and Amy has been planning since she was 5. The OH and I love Amy and Lee dearly. They are a couple we enjoy … Continue reading

My 52 week old baby boy

Today is Dexter’s 1st birthday. I’m beyond proud of my baby boy. I’m proud of the OH and I’m proud of the family we’ve become. The past year has been a blur of late nights, early mornings, sore nipples, lots of poo, coffee, cuddles, toys taking over, food being thrown under, muslin cloths, washing, purΓ©e, … Continue reading

Mummy the comedian

Dexter laughs at my jokes, he laughs at my dancing, he even laughs at my face (this I find a little bit harsh.) I love that my boy thinks I’m funny, even if he still finds lampshades funny (I can see his point.) He’s got a cracking personality already. Smiley, happy and quite excitable at … Continue reading