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Unsocial media?

Unsocial media?

I’ve not been blogging much of late. My plate is pretty full and my brain is often aching by the evening. I’ve been writing, but just crappy, boring assignments for university. I had to write an assignment on social media last week, and the impact it has on us coversing with one another. I took … Continue reading

Wide Awake Club

I’m a sadist. I quite enjoy the 4am feeds as they’ve become my time to surf the web, catch up on some reading and checking my twitter and instagram feeds without feeling guilty that I’m not giving my full attention to both babies. I do, of course, like the soft baby cuddles with Blake and … Continue reading

I’ve got my reasons

I’ve just returned from a break from Facebook. I was away for almost a month and it was nice and relaxing however I felt like the social leper that’s never invited to parties. I gave myself a break because I was sick of racist, ignorant comments on my timeline following the Woolwich attack. I was … Continue reading