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Wide Awake Club

I’m a sadist. I quite enjoy the 4am feeds as they’ve become my time to surf the web, catch up on some reading and checking my twitter and instagram feeds without feeling guilty that I’m not giving my full attention to both babies. I do, of course, like the soft baby cuddles with Blake and … Continue reading

Whilst You’re Here

We’re a busy, noisy household. 2 adults, 2 children, 1 cat and who knows how many fish. The toddler craves routine, the cat cries and stalks you if you dare feed him late, and the baby is settling herself into a nice cycle of eat, sleep, play that I really don’t want to mess with. … Continue reading

Super Toddler

Dexter has spent today dressed as Spiderman. I don’t mind this at all, even when we visited the local children’s centre for an arts and crafts session, or even when we visited B&M Bargains as a treat (yep we’re that family). Nope I don’t mind at all that my toddler is expressing himself and showing … Continue reading


Recently the OH shifts have changed at work meaning he’s working most evenings and nearly every weekend. Whilst this was never a problem when it was just Dexter to look after, there is now a colicky baby added to the mix and I’m finding myself wishing the hours would pass quickly instead of just trying … Continue reading

Introducing my daughter….

Introducing my daughter….

So after consciously uncoupling from my blog for the past 2 months I’m ready to get my blogging on again. And what better way to come back than with a bit of lovely news…..I have a daughter! Wow. Still feels weird to say (type) out loud. Blake Kauder-Day was born on Friday 12th December at … Continue reading

Mummy, where is your willy?

So I totally blame my friend Tina for putting me in this situation. Tina, or rather her daughter Florence, bought Dexter a lovely book titled “There’s a house inside my mummy”, to help explain my ever expanding waistline and why I spend most days with my head down the loo. The book is beautifully written … Continue reading

The Boy Wonder Turns 3!

The Boy Wonder Turns 3!

To the birthday boy…… Happiest birthday of them all to you, the love of my life. 3 years old and so grown up. You’ve come a long way over the past year. You are no longer my baby, but my little boy, my companion and my friend. Last year I wished more words would come … Continue reading

Job Application

Job Application

Butlin’s recently ran a great PR campaign to find a new (High) Chairman. We of course entered and submitted the following CV for Dexter: CV of Dexter Kauder-Day PROFILE A determined, focused multi-tasker with excellent communication and influencing skills. I consistently demonstrate energy and creativity to multiple stakeholders within the family unit. EXPERIENCE August 2011 … Continue reading


The very nice people at OXO TOT UK saw my post about being out and aboutΒ and sent Dexter some food and drink items to review. We were challenged to take these items on our travels and really put them to the test. Most weekends we like to do at least one thing that will take … Continue reading

Saying Sorry

The very lovely Urban Boheme shared an extract from Dr. Sears on her FB yesterday that really got me thinking. It was: There is no need to say apologetically “he’s shy”, especially in front of your child. There is nothing wrong, and a lot right, with being shy. Many people don’t understand shyness and equate … Continue reading