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Ever Changing Body

Ever Changing Body

Ah pregnancy, possibly the most amazing and wonderful time of your life, but sadly this is something most women don’t realise until it’s over. It’s hard to keep up with the many changes of my pregnant body and I’ll be the first one to say I really don’t cope well for 9 months. I’m forever … Continue reading

(Not So) Super Mum

The past few weeks I’ve felt like a big failure. I’ve been pretty ill. So ill in fact that I couldn’t even look after my own baby. This, in my world, means I’m a failure. It all started during the Jubilee weekend with what I thought was a little stomach bug. Turns out it was … Continue reading

Bodily fluids

I have major mummy envy. All the other babies and toddlers I see are immaculate. Peachy skin, golden hair and clean clothes. All wearing light colours without a care in the world. But Dexter, well anything past10am and he just looks like a dishevelled mess. I know boys will be boys but considering he can’t yet walk … Continue reading