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The L’s say “I do”

The K-D’s are off on a mini adventure this weekend (I hope Pilchard the Cat doesn’t read this and throws a wild party.) We’re lucky enough to be attending the wedding of Laura Rook and Lee Lewis (not forgetting its really Lexi’s day, with Leni patiently sitting there smiling.) As with every wedding you generally … Continue reading

Happy Amy Day!!!

Today is Amy Day!!! Correction… is the wedding of Lee Hanly and Amy Constantin. It’s been a long time planning. Lee has been planning since 10th October 2009 (when he proposed) and Amy has been planning since she was 5. The OH and I love Amy and Lee dearly. They are a couple we enjoy … Continue reading

My best friends wedding

Today is my best friends wedding. Maxine Sharp is marrying Alessandro Quaglia and life will never be the same again. Maxine Quaglia. I wonder how many times she’s practised her signature? I met Alex for the first time in Fuerteventura. It was the very early days of their relationship. This dark haired, goateed boy had … Continue reading

To the happy couple

Today is Leila and Simon’s wedding day. Today is the day we’ve all been looking forward too for such a long time. And today is 5 years since their first date. Leila and Simon first met in the glamorous world of insurance. I’m not sure if it was love at first sight as poor Simon … Continue reading