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New Term = FREEDOM!

New Term = FREEDOM!

September is most definitely my favourite time of year. I love the holidays and I love the sunshine, but even more, I love a fresh start, a new term, and a quiet house! My social media feeds are full of a mix of weeping mothers, missing their kids, having spent the holidays together, creating memories. … Continue reading


Adulting is quite frankly a pain in the arse. The realisation that you just can’t throw a paddy anymore, or sulk in your room for hours on end is like a metaphorical pie in the face. I’ve had to adult a lot this year. Not because I have two tiny terrorists (and a 42-year-old one) … Continue reading

The Return

I’ve returned to normal life, as we know it. 4 weeks in and no one has died. There have been many tears but no one has died. Normal life for me now is in the office, once I’ve scattered my kids around Hertfordshire and ignored their pleas for one last hug. The guilt is deep … Continue reading

Baby holiday blues

So tomorrow I return to the dreaded office, where I have to speak in my inside voice, try not to laugh my natural laugh and not be able to wear leggings or ugg boots. It’s been a looooooong time since I was there in an official working capacity, and I’m full of butterflies and uncertainty. … Continue reading

11 month itch

Last week marked my darling Blake turning 11 months old, which in turn marks a month until I have to return to work. I’m so very sad about having to return to work and leaving her. I was hammering down the office door at around 10 months with Dex, safely returning back on payroll by … Continue reading

Work. (Sulks).

So the prospect of returning to work has reared its ugly head and I’ve been forced to start thinking about my next steps as a frazzled mother of two. In all honesty I didn’t enjoy my maternity leave much with Dexter. It was fun and spending time with him was a joy but I found it … Continue reading

Dilly Dally Do

Things I do when I should be studying: Check Facebook Check Twitter Make a cup of tea, ensuring my stove top kettle is full to the brim to elongate the boiling time Check Instagram Check Buzz Feed Check all my highlighters work by drawing a house/flower/butterfly/heart Snap Chat a picture of my contorted face to … Continue reading

20 Questions

At the start of 2014 I promised myself I would blog more, but I often struggle to feel inspired. Today, for example, I worked from home and wallowed in self-pity after having a wisdom tooth removed. Not very inspiring. So today’s blog post has been inspired by casual internet browsing. So here’s 20 questions, answered by me. 1. … Continue reading

The Last Ever Dexter/Mummy Day

Yep it’s true. The last DMD happened last week, just before my return to full time office work begins. Sob. I’ve been working full time over 2 jobs since September last year, 4 days in the office and 1 day teaching drama. Its a hard slog but we all manage. However weekend work meant that … Continue reading

Growing Up Isn’t Easy

Being an adult sometimes sucks. I wish I could spend an entire week going about my normal life but with all the mannerisms of a toddler. I wish I could walk away from everyone who bores me, or just put my hand over their mouth to shush them. I wish I could hide under the … Continue reading