Half a year

Beautiful Blake, my baby girl. 6 months ago you made your way into the world, a bit too hastily for my liking, but I get the impression that’s pretty much how you roll. Your big Blue eyes sparkle every day, your little cherub face crinkles up when you smile and your funny shrieks fill the … Continue reading

Just Do It

OK this post isn’t about me hen pecking the men in my household, just a really tedious link to exercise and wellbeing. I went to the doctors last week as I’d been feeling a little overwhelmed. Blake’s eczema had hit a really low point, she wasn’t sleeping because she was so itchy and in pain … Continue reading

My Housemate

The OH and I are not ones for PDUA (public displays of unnecessary affection). We’ve never been soppy or traditionally romantic, in fact we NEVER celebrate our anniversary (it was 8 years in April) but it doesn’t mean our relationship isn’t rock solid (witnessing your baby mama getting her vagina stitched up on your lounge … Continue reading


I’m sat on the train on my way to a very good friends wedding. I’m on my own though, I’ve left the OH at home with the babies. And I’m wracked with guilt. Ok maybe not 100%, maybe 90%? Ok, ok, I’m at least 70% wracked with guilt that I’ve left him at home to … Continue reading

5 Time Saving Tips for a New Mum

Babies swallow up time faster than you can say “bugger it’s 3pm”. They are the best waste of time, plus the really good ones stop you from doing any household chores. So here are my tips on how to save a bit of time when the baby is taking it all. 1. Getting dressed. Get … Continue reading

My Shadow

Despite being a mother already, I’d never really experienced having someone solely dependent on me before having Blake. Even though Dexter was EBF, he took a bottle straight away and I expressed and had freedom since a few weeks after he was born, this also gave the other important people in his life the chance … Continue reading


There was a lot of love in our house earlier, specifically from 18:25Β until about 18:48, or more commonly known as, Bath time. Both my kids love the water, it’s their happy place. I don’t know if it has any relevance to their love of water but I used to lull in the bath for hours … Continue reading

The Elephant

I lost my shit today, sadly with those that care the most about me, my family. I lost my shit over something that wasn’t their fault, but something that has been bubbling up inside of me for a while. Blake has eczema, the same as Dexter had, but sadly it’s on her face so very … Continue reading