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Cloth Bum Fun

Dexter is a cloth baby. Not one from birth, hell no I hated the honey mustard poo stage, but one from 8 months old. It wasn’t ever something I thought we, as a family would do, but I’m so very pleased that we have. Whilst pregnant and attending our antenatal class we were given information … Continue reading

We Built This City On Snot And Drool

I know I’ve written about bodily fluids before (It’s SNOT Funny) but I couldn’t let this one pass without sharing with you all. My boy, my world, the love of my life sneezed last night and rubbed the omitted snot from his nose into his hair like a budget price hair gel. Nice to know … Continue reading

A Job Well Done

This morning we attended Dexter’s 12 month development check at our local health centre. It wasn’t something that we thought was an inconvinience nor something we were dreading, it was actually something we had been looking forward to, keen to tick all the boxes. Red book in hand we walked into the treatment room at … Continue reading

My 52 week old baby boy

Today is Dexter’s 1st birthday. I’m beyond proud of my baby boy. I’m proud of the OH and I’m proud of the family we’ve become. The past year has been a blur of late nights, early mornings, sore nipples, lots of poo, coffee, cuddles, toys taking over, food being thrown under, muslin cloths, washing, purée, … Continue reading

Teething Times are Testing Times

Well Dex finally got his first tooth on Monday 2nd July. I only knew of this momental occasion because Nanny text me to let me know. You see me and the OH were on our third night out together since Dex was born and Nanny and Grandad were babysitting for us. What terrible parents we … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Little Miss Q

Today is my daughter in laws 1st birthday. Carmela is 1 today and wowzers want a stunner she is. Happy birthday gorgeous girl. Enjoy your special day….. Mummy over and out Lx

(Not So) Super Mum

The past few weeks I’ve felt like a big failure. I’ve been pretty ill. So ill in fact that I couldn’t even look after my own baby. This, in my world, means I’m a failure. It all started during the Jubilee weekend with what I thought was a little stomach bug. Turns out it was … Continue reading

Holiday, Celebrate

The K-D’s have safely returned from their latest adventure. Grandad came along for this one too. This chapter took place on the Isle of Wight. Nothing too glam for us, but the weather was amazing. A break from the norm was actually very needed and some time with the OH and Dexter was the perfect tonic. … Continue reading