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Starting Again.

Starting Again.

After the hardest few years of my life, I want to start putting pen to paper, well fingers to keyboard, and to start blogging again. I used to think I was a little bit humorous, sometimes even modestly tittering at my own musings, but I’m struggling to find that spark again. Life is crazy. Kids, … Continue reading


You see this boy? He’s my world. He and everything about him means everything to me. If he’s under the weather I’m there for him, if he’s up in the night I’m (almost) always there for him, if he wants a cuddle I give him one. I’m a mum now and I have responsibilities. Those … Continue reading

Reflective Tuesday

I was writing an article earlier for a magazine (I know EXCITING!!) about Christmas and I know we’re a long way off but it got me thinking about December. As my devoted readers and wonderful friends will know its been a testing year for many of my friends and family and I began to think … Continue reading

Giving Life a Meaning

You never know what you have until its gone is a cruel statement. To only fully appreciate something once it’s taken away from you means you’ve never let go and enjoyed it. The memories you make with that person you love should be measured on quality and not quantity. We take many, many things for … Continue reading

Happy Amy Day!!!

Today is Amy Day!!! Correction…..today is the wedding of Lee Hanly and Amy Constantin. It’s been a long time planning. Lee has been planning since 10th October 2009 (when he proposed) and Amy has been planning since she was 5. The OH and I love Amy and Lee dearly. They are a couple we enjoy … Continue reading

My 52 week old baby boy

Today is Dexter’s 1st birthday. I’m beyond proud of my baby boy. I’m proud of the OH and I’m proud of the family we’ve become. The past year has been a blur of late nights, early mornings, sore nipples, lots of poo, coffee, cuddles, toys taking over, food being thrown under, muslin cloths, washing, purée, … Continue reading

My best friends wedding

Today is my best friends wedding. Maxine Sharp is marrying Alessandro Quaglia and life will never be the same again. Maxine Quaglia. I wonder how many times she’s practised her signature? I met Alex for the first time in Fuerteventura. It was the very early days of their relationship. This dark haired, goateed boy had … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Little Miss Q

Today is my daughter in laws 1st birthday. Carmela is 1 today and wowzers want a stunner she is. Happy birthday gorgeous girl. Enjoy your special day….. Mummy over and out Lx

(Not So) Super Mum

The past few weeks I’ve felt like a big failure. I’ve been pretty ill. So ill in fact that I couldn’t even look after my own baby. This, in my world, means I’m a failure. It all started during the Jubilee weekend with what I thought was a little stomach bug. Turns out it was … Continue reading